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Welcome to The Hudson Group’s Knowledge Base!

Designed for clients of The Hudson Group and the HGTS suite of transportation management solutions, this Wiki-style Knowledge Base will provide many quick, self-help answers to common or frequently asked questions.  Hudson clients are also invited to add new articles or submit revision suggestions to current articles.

To locate information, please enter words or phrases in the Search window to the left.  Select the “Title” option from the Navigation panel to view an alphabetical listing of all article titles. You may also select the “Categories” option from the Navigation menu to view a list of folders into which various articles are filed.  Where an article fits into more than one category, it should appear as filed under multiple categories.

Please: This information is provided as a courtesy to clients and users of HWeb products and services.  Reproducing articles for distribution without permission is inconsiderate. For more information, please contact

Category:New Users - Start Here!

Category:Credit Card Processing
Category:Error Messages
Category:ExpressionEngine Websites
Category:File Layouts
Category:Go Airport Shuttle
Category:Hosted Accounts
Category:HWeb Mobile Devices
Category:HWeb Mobile Devices -> BlackBerry Configuration & Use
Category:HWeb Netcast
Category:HWeb Safety Net
Category:HWeb Agent
Category:HWeb Dispatcher
Category:HWeb Admin
Category:HWeb Admin -> Invoicing
Category:Live Agent Chat
Category:System Down
Category:TechTips Newsletter
Category:Web Reservation System
Category:Alert Software System

Category:Tech Support Staff Only