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Extend the performance of your ground transportation business in the field through the deployment of scalable, secure mobile solutions that integrate seamlessly with your ground transportation system.

Mobile Ground Transportation Solutions

HGTS In the Vehicle

vMDT In-Vehicle Mobile Computing

The vMDT’s (virtual Mobile Data Terminal) are miniature, rugged personal computers with a sleek touch screen interface that combines the power of mobile computing with the configurability of HGTS to deliver a comprehensive and easy to use multifunction communications tool.

The built-in GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver allows dispatchers to track the location of all vehicles in the fleet in real time. Drivers receive work assignments and reservation details for passengers to their mobile device. They can accept the work with the touch of a button, sending notification back to the office dispatcher.

Credit card readers, bar code scanners, and/or portable thermal printers can also be attached to the vMDT to produce a powerful mobile computing solution. When finished with a days assignments, drivers and greeters can review and reconcile their completed work on the vMDT screen, noting additional charges (wait time, extra stops, etc.) that should be added to the trip. These reconciled reservation records are then uploaded to the office database in real time, reducing or eliminating the hours spent by accounting staff reviewing reams of submitted forms and paperwork.

HGTS In the Field or On the Go

Hudson has developed a slim and trim mobile reservation software application which allows a driver or greeter in the field to lookup fares and available service options and create an instant reservation. The mobile reservation is uploaded in real-time to the back office database and can then be managed in the traditional manner: revised, dispatched and reported.

Greeters and drivers can also receive reservation assignment details from the office dispatcher to their mobile device and then select from a list pre-configured responses (Received, In Route, Client On Board, Dropped Off, etc.). With the press of a button, the office is notified of their current status, resulting in a truly voiceless dispatching system.

Driver self-reconciliation is also supported giving your employees the ability to itemize all appropriate trip expenses: tolls, waiting time, service extras, fuel, gratuities, etc. The form is submitted electronically to the back office as soon as the reservation has ended. The accounting staff can now quickly scan and verify completed reservations and then process billing and invoicing in a timely manner. Driver and trip sheet reconciliation has been reduced from hours to minutes!

Mobile Ticketing Option

A hand-held ticket printing and point of sale cashiering device that contains fare and service rules can be used for selling and booking mobile reservations tickets and printing boarding passes. Bus companies, tour operators, airport greeters and many others will have the ability to not only issue tickets and receipts to all passengers but will be able to handle walk up passengers: enter reservations, collect payment, authorize credit cards and print boarding passes.

The portable HGTS Mobile Reservation Software Ticketing device is cellular capable, allowing for real time data uploads to the office as well as one or two way messaging. With nationwide cellular coverage, the hand carried or vehicle mounted device will allow coast-to-coast authorization of credit cards in the field. The integrated thermal printer also allows post shift cashiering reports and transaction ledgers.

Mobile Printing

Portable credit card readers and thermal printers can be attached to a mobile device giving staff in the field the ability to capture and authorize credit cards, print receipts, produce boarding passes, confirmation and other templates, and create driver/agent shift summary reports.

This device can increase revenue and decrease your expenses (live swiping of credit card reduces fees) while improving client service levels (accurate receipts at time of service). Several hardware options exist including both wired and wireless (Bluetooth enabled) devices.

HGTS Mobile Apps for Client Devices

Your traveling clients live on and with their mobile devices 24 hours a day. With the HGTS Mobile App, your clients have immediate access to your business and their reservations wherever they may be. Approved for delivery via the App Store onto devices running Apple's iOS operating system, the HGTS Mobile App will create new revenue streams for all operators via their Hudson web reservation system. Watch the video below to see just how easy it is to book a reservation on an iPhone.

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