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View 24 Hour Time Support Available


24 Hour Time Support Available

  Many international travelers (from outside North America) are used to telling and writing time in a 24-hour format. Within the United States, this is sometimes referred to as military format.  In this instance, 00:00 represents midnight, 12:00 represents noon, 13:00 represents 1:00 PM, 14:00 represents 2:00 PM, etc.  In fact, if you were to ask a traveler from Europe to write their flight time as 2:30 AM or PM on web reservation site / form, they might be confused and select the incorrect designator.
  Effective with Hudson Web version 2.72, you can opt to display your times in either AM/PM (12 hour format) or 24 hour format.  To configure your site:
  Login to your web based Reservation Utility page
  Select the Configuration Tab
  Select General Configuration
  In the Time Settings section of the page, locate “Time Format.”
  From the drop list, select either 12 hour or 24 hour
  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Submit.