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View ALERT Program Will Not Launch

Category:Alert Software System

Alert System will not launch: crashes at login

Issue: ALERT crashes immediately upon entering login password

Solution: Your computer either suffered a power failure or it was shut down without properly closing ALERT application. This most likely resulted in a corrupted index.

There are two ways to restore the indexes:

  1. Click on START/All Programs/ALERT/Delete Indexes. This will start ALERT and upon logging in, new indexes will be generated.
  2. If ALERT is not listed in All Programs, please try the following:
  a. Right click on your ALERT desktop icon then click Properties. Make not of the Target. (c:\alert\alert.exe is the default.)

b. Click START/Run and enter the path to ALERT exactly as it appeared in the Target under 2a above. Add a <Space> x at the end and click OK.

If this does not correct the issue please contact TechSupport.