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View Accessing Hudson Servers from a Tablet

Category:Hosted Accounts

Accessing Hudson Terminal Servers from a Tablet Style Computer

Hudson clients that have discovered the flexibility and stability offered by having Hudson host their applications on state of the art servers often find them selves away from their desktop or laptop workstation but still wanting to access their Hudson hosted applications (please read our *Disclaimer at the bottom of the page).

There are many applications available that may be used to connect from one computer to another. When you are trying to connect to a Hudson server from a mobile device, it becomes just a little bit tricky.  Below are the application(s) that we have found to work well. There may be others available and you are invited to send suggestions and your comments to Hudson TechSupport. NOTE: The only items we will permit are those that do do not require the installation of any applications / software on the actual Hudson hosted servers. So please do some research on the application you are investigating or purchasing and if there is any mention of the need to install a client application on the host server, please do not purchase this kind of app.  Generally, applications that take advantage of Microsoft’s native RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) should work well. This editors feeling is that the paid versions of most RDP apps tend to be more robust, and provide better and more consistent results. Consider doing a search on YouTube for video demonstrations of features and use before making a purchase. Because our clients use both iOS and Android devices routinely, we present here only applications that are available for BOTH these operating systems. There may be other apps available that work fine on just one or the other of these 2 systems.

WYSE PocketCloud - Rating: ♦♦♦♦ (iPhone / iPad / Android…) – Both free and paid versions ($15 one time purchase) exist for this option depending on how many remote computers you want to be able to access. You install an application on your home or office computer (Windows or Mac) and leave the computer turned on.  Another small application is installed on your iPhone, iPad, Android mobile device,  which then allows you to connect to your remote computer(s).  Visit,  the Apple iTunes App Store, or Android Market for more information. UPDATE: February 2013 ~ Changes to this app or to the INetU hosting security settings have made access using this application inconsistent; working some times but not others. Strongly suggest trying or evaluating with the free version before purchasing the paid version!

User Guide

Download the Wyse PocketCloud manual and guide here: File:Wyse PocketCloud Users Guide MAY2012.pdf

Jump Desktop - Rating: ♦♦ (iPhone / iPad / Android / Mac) - Offers both RDP and VNC protocols meaning you can use it to connect to both Hudson hosted computers as well as most any computer in your home and/or office.  This is a paid app ($14.99 / Feb 2013). More information and a video demonstration of the interface and functionality is available at

Remotix RDP - Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦ (iPhone / iPad / Android) - There are different versions of the application available, be sure you locate and select Remotix RDP if purchasing!  This application supports international keyboards and would be worth considering for our international clients or those who are using a non english keyboard on their device. There is a free version Remotix RDP “Lite” which allows you to try the app and interface to be sure it works for you before you purchase. NOTE: THe “Lite” version looks and feels like the paid version and works for 60 seconds before various programmed “screen distortions” are introduced. But the lite version does allow you get a feel for it before buying the full RDP version. This is a paid app ($24.99 / Feb 2013). More information is available at:

Microsoft Remote Desktop - Rating: ♦♦ (iPhone / iPad) - This app for iOS devices was issued by Microsoft in October 2013. The app is free in the App Store. The good thing is that it works well and connects to Windows machines easily.  The downside, if you agree, is that the interface for touching and navigating the window and the keyboard is not as friendly or easy as Remotix RDP outlined above.  There is no screen “cursor” that tells you what is highlighted when you touch the screen… it is essentially a normal touch screen and it can be difficult to click accurately on the screen.  This app will work well for anybody who will be viewing information only on their iOS device. It may be frustrating to use this app if you need to interface with the screens and actually open and close windows and grids and enter information. But, FREE is Free - so for those that don’t have a budget for Remotix RDP, then this may be a worthwhile alternative. More information is available at:

Accessing Hudson Terminal Servers from a Chromebook computer

2X Client for RDP - Rating: ♦♦♦ (Chromebook / iPhone / iPad / Android) - This free app has relatively good connection speed and a fairly clean user interface. “It’s specifically designed for Chrome, making it compatible across different platforms such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Chrome OS. The 2X RDP provides a direct connection without using a public gateway, making your computing experience secure and private. It’s the first self contained, fully installable Chrome application. Additionally, as a user you can have multiple connections running concurrently and even use the application offline.” More information is available at: Google’s Chrome Webstore.

General Settings

Regardless of any app you purchase, all will require certain key configuration items. The settings below are a guide meant to help in the setup process:

Connection Name / Nickname:  Hudson HGTS (for example)
Host / IP / URL:
Domain: hudsonts
Color Depth: 16 bit or 24 bit will yield faster connections

Advanced Settings:

Port: 3389 (should be default in all RDP compatible apps)
Console Mode: OFF
RD Gateway: OFF
Clipboard: On or Off

*Disclaimer: Purchasing any application for use on a mobile device so that you can access your hosted Hudson system is done at your own cost and risk. Hudson does not warranty or support any of the applications listed above. While Hudson will assist you with information needed to configure these application, Hudson cannot and will not provide technical support for these applications if they do not work for you. As security threats evolve over time, Hudson may need to make adjustments to the security parameters of its hosted network resources. Those changes might render remote access applications as un-useable. We apologize if these security changes cause problems for you but these changes will be necessary from time to time to ensure the security of all client data. Hudson will not be responsible for crediting or refunding money for applications you purchase but are no longer able to use.

NB: There are several criteria we used when looking for applications to suggest. You may wish to keep these in mind as well before making a purchase:

  • Must support Microsoft RDP protocol
  • Must NOT require a client application to be installed on host servers
  • Should have both Android and iOS versions
  • Must work with Microsoft Server 2012 R2 Enterprise edition
  • Should support international keyboard layout
  • Must allow connection through server load balancers