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View Add Toolbars to your Hudson Applications

Category:HWeb Agent
Category:HWeb Dispatcher

Add Toolbars to your Hudson Applications

To make your Hudson applications a little more intuitive to use, and facilitate the training of new Agents and Dispatchers, you have the ability to add toolbars to the top of your Hudson Applications. The toolbars appear just beneath the menu bar at the top of your screen and consist of buttons with icons that pictorially represent a procedural function.

It is no surprise that many, if not most all consumer computing applications that are on the market today, have toolbars and buttons as a means of performing commonly accessed functions. From the beginning, where Hudson applications had both Menus to select from as well as keyboard shortcuts, it did not seem that toolbars were really necessary or helpful. It has always been our opinion, that the most efficient and speedy way to enter, revise and cancel reservations is via keyboard commands. Using a mouse, while handy, does take a bit more time. For reservations staff in a busy call center, the second or two it takes to locate a mouse and then click an icon can add up to minutes per day.

In Hudson’s attempts to provide options, choices and configurability to its systems, our development team has put the new toolbar icon buttons into place. By default, when the new version is installed, the large toolbar icons will be displayed.  You may change this to a smaller, slimmer toolbar or you may disable completely if preferred.

You can select which icons you want to be displayed and you can edit the text labels displayed. You can also control whether an icon appears on HWeb Dispatcher or HWeb Agent, or both.  To set the icons, look under Tools > Configuration > Advanced Features > Toolbars.  Here, you can change the order / sequence of the icons. If you click and hold your cursor in the grey area to the left you can drag an icon up or down to change the order.

To adjust the toolbar settings, from the HWeb Application,  click View > Toolbar. You can then enable the Large Toolbar, Small Toolbar, or remove the check mark to hide the toolbar.