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View Adding Coupons and General Discounts

Category:HWeb Agent

Adding Coupons and General Discounts

Discounts and Coupons



Discounts are used within the HWeb Agent to offset or reduce base fares. Discounts can be set up easily and quickly and may be used in conjunction with coupons, mailers, and other marketing activities.

1) Create a Group Profile

2) Enable Discount in Configuration

3) Test the Discount


1) Create a Group Profile in Agent

a. Login to Agent and Press F9 (Tools Profiles Create New Profile))

b. Set the Profile type = Group. Add the (short) name that will identify this profile or discount. If there will be an expiration date for this discount/coupon, enter it on the General Tab, in the Expr. Date field, and place a check mark in the box to enable the expiration.

c. On the Billing Tab, place a check mark in the box next to “Don’t Allow Direct Bill (discount only profile)”

d. On the Rules Tab, set the discount type: Fixed, Fixed per Passenger, Percent, etc. In the space to the right of Discount type, enter the discount amount. Ex: 5.00 (for $5), 10 (for 10%), etc. that will apply to each leg of a reservation.

e. Press Shift+F4 (File Save Current Profile)

f. Note and remember the Prof ID number in the left column that has been assigned to your new Discount Profile.


2) Enable Discount in Configuration 

a. Select Tools Configuration Fare and Services Discount Tab

b. In a blank row, type in the Name of the Discount in the Caption column (ex. Yellow Pages), In the Profile ID Column, enter in the ID number from step 1 e above. Place a check mark in the box in the Enable column to turn on the discount. So that the discount can be accessed quickly via the keyboard add an ampersand (&) before any letter in the Discount Caption (ex. &Yellow Pages). By doing so, users will be able to select “Yellow Pages”, by simply pressing Y

c. So that a discount may also be easily removed, enter an additional column, with the Caption set to NONE, and the Profile ID set to 0. Enable this discount as well. It is only necessary to create the NONE caption one time. This can be used to disable any/all discount profiles.

d. Check Tools Configuration Fare & Services Reservation Tab

Check the setting for Include Discounts: some clients may only wish to apply the highest discount of several that may apply: ex: Yellow Pages=$5, RoundTrip=$3,. Set the drop down to: No Discounts, All Discounts, Highest Discount, etc. as desired (this is a global setting applying to all Reservations)


e. Click Apply and OK and return to Agent.

f. Press F11 to refresh the configuration.

3) Test the Discount

a. Begin Agent and start a new reservation

b. After entering the direction, airport, pickup/drop location and generating Fares and Pickup Times, select the Discounts option from the menu bar at the top of the Fares and Availability window.

c. Choose the discount name just created above.

d. Click on the Generate Fares and Pickup Times button again and note that the appropriate discount amount should have been applied and will show as a -$#.## in the column titled “Other” in the Fare/Services window to the left.

e. To remove the discount, select Discounts again from the main menu bar and select NONE from the drop down menu. Click the Generate Fares and Pickup Times button again and the discount should be removed from the fare and services pricing window.