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View Adding Employees and Using Employee Sign In Sign Out

Category:HWeb Agent

Adding Employees and Using Employee Sign In/Out

The Employee Sign In tool in the HWeb Agent is a simple and accurate tool used for keeping track of your staffs shifts and break times.  In order for the Employee Sign In / Out feature to function, an employees list must be created.  The following is instructions on adding employees to the employee list and using the sign in tool.

1.  Create employee list (Tools / Configuration / Employees).  Here you add all of the employees you wish to use the employee sign in tool.   

    a.  Enter Employee ID.

    b.  Enter Name.

    c.  Under the Personal tab, enter the Login ID of this employee.

    d.  Enter any other information you deem relevant.

    e.  Click Update and then Save changes to DB

  2 .  To use the Employee Sign In / Out tool go to Tools / Agent Tools (or Dispatch Tools) / Employee sign in/out.

    a.  From here the employee must first click the Sign In/Out button then the Exit button.

    b.  The next time they go to employee sign in/ out they will be given the option to either sign out or go on break (On/Off Break button).

    c.  There is a possibility of three breaks for any given shift (each time logging the break start and end time).

    d.  The last thing the employee should do at the end of their day is Sign Out.

NOTE: This feature must first be enabled in the Configuration: 

  1. Tools > Configuration > Application Configuration > Advanced Features
  2. Locate the Employee Tab
  3. Place a check mark in the field:  Employee sign In/Out enabled.
  4. Click Apply and OK to save changes.
For an employee to be able to sign him/herself in and out, they must have this user privilege enabled.  In User Access setup, locate the desired staff member and open the list of user privileges.  Place a check mark next to:
Allowed to sign in/out of employee shifts.
If this person is a supervisor, capable of signing other into and out of their shifts, locate and enable the privilege labeled:
Manage Employee Shifts: Allowed to sign in/out all employees.