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View Adding Landmark Locations

Category:HWeb Agent

Adding Landmark Locations

You must have a basic understanding of grid creating and maintenance, template maintenance, hotkey maintenance, and configuration access and settings to understand this article.  If you do not please read up on these things in the knowledgebase or contact your Hudson technician.

The Landmark Locations are a list of locations categorized into sub types.  They are added, managed, and accessible in the local software only.  *These are not fare file locations.  *No pricing is generated from this list.  It is used only as a quick way to insert location names, street addresses, and specific information about that location into a reservation.
These Landmark Locations can be inserted in the pickup or drop-off address fields, the extra stops field, or the hourly details field.
The following is a guide to setting up and using this technology.

OOPS! Where is the rest of this article? Due to some formatting symbols that appear in the article, the KB wont display them properly. To view the entire article, please click the link below to download a PDF version of the content.  Apologies!

File:Adding Landmark Locations.pdf