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View Adding Reservations from Dispatch Grid UltraRes

Category:HWeb Dispatcher

Adding Reservations from Dispatch Grid UltraRes

Using a feature called UltraRes, it is possible to actually enter a very quick and EXTREMELY Basic Reservation from within the HWeb Dispatcher Application. The ideal application of the UltrRes feature is that Dispatchers can use this to very quickly create a new reservation from within a Dispatcher Desktop rather than having to open and use HWeb Agent.  This is accomplished through building a special Reservations Grid and direct-entering data into that grid - thus creating a new reservation. This is a two step process:

1) Build and Configure a custom Reservations Grid
2) Build a new HotKey to start/Launch a new reservation.

Building a Reservations Grid

If you are not familiar with how to build new or custom grids from "scratch" in the HWeb Dispatcher, you can instead download the sample UltraRes.gdf file that is attached to this article. To keep keystrokes to a minimum, several default values are set for the fields within the Grid Layout. In the sample UltraRes grid, the Direction is defaulted to Arrival; the PickupAirport is set to SAN;109 (this value is drawn from the Airports Table within the ResFC.mdb database); the Service is set to Service 1; etc. To edit these defaults, you must go into the Grid Layout and look for the column labled: Default Value.

If you are building the grid from scratch, there are a couple key settings within Grid Properties that must be established. On the Grid Specific Tab, you must place check marks next to: Allow add new record, and Calculate fare and pickup time.  It is also suggested to change the Caption within Grid Properties so that it reminds users of the correct keystrokes to use:  Ex:  "UltraRes - F10=Add, Enter=Save, Esc=Discard" (Where F10 is replaced with the actual HotKey you have configured to start a reservation…see next paragrah)

Configuring a HotKey

Prior to using the UltraRes Grid, you must setup an addtional HotKey.
Within the HotKey/Fast Info configuration, start a new Dispatcher Hot Key and set the Function=Record add.

Now you should be able to open your UltraRes Grid, press your HotKey and you will see a new row/record displayed in the previously empty grid. You can click any field and direct enter the appropriate data. Press Enter when finished and the system will assign a ResID number and save the reservation. It should become immediately viewable and manageable within your other Dispatcher grids.

This UltraRes grid may be added to other HWeb Dispatcher Desktops, or may be set as a FastInfo menu item - quickly accessible if needed by dispatchers.