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View Adding a Second Employee to a Trip


Adding a Second Employee to a Trip

This article contains information on how to add / configure one or two employees and assign them to a trip, within HWeb Dispatcher when these employees will serve as chaperone(s), monitor(s), tour guides, etc.  These employees ARE NOT considered as drivers.  Assigning employee(s) to a trip DOES allow you to track hours for payroll purposes.

These instructions assume you are already familiar with the basics of Hotkey configuration.

  1. Tools > Configuration > HotKeys / Fast Info
  2. Add a new record
  3. Add a new Dispatcher Hotkey (or Dispatcher Action Menu) to assign an employee to a trip.
The HotKey has the following parameters:

  • MODE=assignment mode
  • SELECTGRID=grid file
  • EMLOYEE[ID]=employee ID


MODE is the assignment mode:
  1 indicates assign employee,
  2 indicates assign employee2

is the name of a custom grid file to be used to select the employee instead of the internal selection dialog.

is the ID of a specific employee and results in NO selection dialog being displayed. (Could be used when only one or two tour guides are on staff and you would only ever assign one of these two people. Separate HotKeys could be configured - one to assign "Bill" another to assign "Mary", for example.

One or two
specific employees can be assigned to each trip. The status of the employees are not checked during assignment process, instead it is validated at ‘trip start’. An option has been added to allow the trip’s reservations be be updated with the employee information on assignment.

Note: Requires DB (database version) 135 or greater.

(Hweb 1.89e (3120))