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Airline Codes in ALERT

If you will be installing and configuring your ALERT system to download reservations from the Hudson Web system, it is necessary to use identical airline "codes" in the ALERT and Hudson configurations.

When a client places the reservation online, they typically need to see the proper airline name (American Airlines, US Airways, British Airways, etc) but the value that is passed from the web system down to ALERT is typically the 2 letter IATA airline code (AA, US, BA, etc.) . The value that is passed to ALERT may be something other than these 2 letter codes: e.g. AMAIR, USAIR, BRITAIR, etc. but the value must be identical to what is stored inside the ALERT Airlines Profiles table. If the downloaded value does not match the ALERT value, the  Airline name will NOT be imported along with other web reservation details.

ALERT has a single table, containing ALL airlines that the company might provide service to, across multiple airports.   The data may be viewed in ALERT by going to: Profiles > Airlines > Airlines File.   If ALERT is being setup or configured for the first time, consider entering a user friendly Airline Name, and the common 2 character IATA Airline Code.  The phone number fields are optional.

There are many online resources for current airline codes, including:

A listing of over 650 airline codes may also be downloaded as an attachment from this article. See Airlines.csv above.

Also available for download is a sample Hudson Airline csv file, that would be compatible with ALERT, assuming that 2 character Airline Codes have been entered there. See sfoairlines.csv above.

NOTE:   Please see the following Article regarding setup of Airports in ALERT.