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View Airport Strings


Airport Strings

Service Specific Airport Strings

Airport Strings

Airport Strings allow you to deliver airport specific departure and arrival information to customers booking online. Typically, airport strings are called up in the on-screen confirmation page and also in the email confirmation. There are two airport strings per airport (AIRPORTSTR1 & AIRPORTSTR2) and they are configured at the bottom of the AIRPORT CONFIGURATION page.

The default configuration of a Hudson web site uses AIRPORTSTR1 for arrival specific information and AIRPORTSTR2 for departure specific information.

If you have a situation where the arrival or departure information varies per service, you can make the airport strings function in a service specific manner.

Making Airport Strings Service Specific

First note that service strings are designated as USER DEFINED tokens. If you use your WEB UTILITY and access the TOKEN CONFIGURATION you will find instructions on creating service strings in the notes at the bottom of the page. It is suggested that you always check the USER DEFINED tokens to see which, in any, service strings are in use before you create any new service strings.

To make service specific arrival instructions, start by selecting a service string that is not already in use. Create a token for each service using the string sequence that you have selected. For example:

  1. If there are no service strings in current use, select SERVICESTR1
  2. Create a string for each service          
    • SERVICESTR1-1 for service 1
    • SERVICESTR1-2 for service 2
    • SERVICESTR1-3 for service 3
    • etc.
                CONFIGURATION page place a token for service string 1 in the
                CUSTOM AIRPORT STRING (STRING1) field:


  4. In this example, each service string would contain the service and airport specific information for one airport. If there are multiple airports you will need to designate a different service string series for each airport/direction.