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Category:HWeb Dispatcher

Alias Column Translator

Alias Column Translation

Reservation (and other) grids in HWeb dispatcher have several "Misc" columns, labled Misc1, Misc2, Misc3, which can be configured and used to display specially formatted information that may come from other fields in the same table.  As an example, we can use one of the Misc columns to display a drop down list of drivers, vehicles or employees, as well as information from many other tables in the Hudson database.  This functionality may be useful when planning or scheduling staff assignments to reservations for a day, when you want to create a sort of "scratch pad;" assigning names to reservations to see what the day would look like.¬†

This process is called Alias Column Translation.  If you are familiar with editing Grid Properties in HWeb Dispatcher, this is a very quick thing to configure on a new or existing grid:

Open HWeb Dispatcher

Open or build a Reservations grid
Right Click a Column header and open Grid Layout
Locate "Misc" field Name:
  Show= Yes (checked)
  Data Format= ddriver:1 (as an example**)
  Special Formatting= "Value Translation (user selected list)"
  Direct Edit= Numeric / or Alphanumeric
Click Apply / OK
(Save the changes to the grid, if desired)

On your Reservation grid, locate and then click on any cell in the Misc1 column. A downward facing arrow appears, indicating that a drop down menu selection list is available. You can scroll the list to select  any of the drivers that are loaded in your Driver Configuration.

**In this case, because we specified that the field would be populated with a Driver, the list that appears is from the Drivers Table.  For any direct edit field, you can select another fieldname that will
be used to create the internal list. The most useful and commonly used
lists are: driverid, vehicleid, employeeid, vendorid. The number appearing after the fieldname specifies which caption,
alternate caption, alias or format type to use when displaying the
information. Common values are <blank>, 0, 1, 2, 3.

This is actually a global field translation pool ... most any field from any table will work (most but not all).