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Allow 0 Fare


A portal can be enabled to allow for reservations with no fare to be booked.  This is done similarly to the local system in which a -1 in the service fare field will enable that location.

Available in version 2.88

1.  Edit your fare file by adding -1 to the services you wish to allow for a booking with no fare defined.

2.  Import the fare file to the web.

3.  Go to the group configuration section of the web utility page (

4.  Add ALLOWZEROFARE=1 to the options tab of the group profile.  This enables the locations and services with -1.

5.  If you wish to edit what is displayed for these reservations edit token ZERODSPFARE.

This works for airport files and ptp files using zones.  If no zone is defined, the fare in the ptp file is used.  If that fare is -1, the booking is allowed with 0 as the fare.