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View Alternate Fare Tables

Category:File Layouts

Creating and Using Alternate Fare Tables

Creating and Using Alternate Fare Tables


When utilizing group profiles it may become necessary to create alternate fare tables for a group to use.

  1. Create alternate fare table
  2. Edit alternate fare table
  3. Import alternate fare table
  4. Use alternate fare table

1.) To create the alternate fare table either copy an one of your existing fare tables (xxxfares.csv xxx=FAA airport code) OR make a new table called xxxfares-#.csv (#=alternate table id of 1-9 depending on the number of unique alternate tables required).

2.) Now edit xxxfares-#.csv. Add/Remove/Edit your fare locations, in addition locate column D (FareTableID). For each location record type the “#” of your file name. For example if this is your first alternate table use the number 1 for all locations in field D.

3.) Within your HWeb Utility, choose Utilities (or Functions if available), then Import Fare Table. Location your new xxxfares-#.csv file. Press OPEN then YES to APPEND TABLE

4a.) To use this table with the local software create a Group Profile, then set the Fare Table ID found under the Reservation Defaults tab to the appropriate table number

4b.) To use this table on the Internet please refer to the documentation available for using group profiles online.