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View Alternate Value Translation

Category:HWeb Dispatcher

Using Alternate Value Translation in Dispatcher Grids


Value Translations are used in the HWebDispatcher to change the displayed text in a particular grid field.  When Alternate Value Translations are specified under Special Formatting column of Grid Layout, the below alternate displays can be viewed.  To enable each view, set the Special Formatting option under Grid Layout to Value translation (alternate).  Then in the Data Format column enter the desired numeric code from the list below.  For example if you desire to show a Driver’s Name and Employee ID in a trip grid; select the Driver column within Grid Layout, changing Special Formatting from none to value translation (alternate), then type the number 4 into the Data Format column, press OK.  Now the driver field will show the employee ID and Driver’s name instead of just the Driver’s name.  If no specific value translation is selected the default display is numeric code 2.

The following fields may be formatted using Alternate Value Translation:
  • Driver
  • Payment Type
  • Payment Status
  • Service Type
  • Vehicle
  • Direction
  • Pager

Driver translation options

0-No translation, 1-Name, 2-Display name (DName), 3-Empoyee ID and 4-Employee ID and Name

Payment type and/or Payment status translation options

0-No translation (i.e. 0,1), 1-Name (i.e. Cash, Credit Card), 2-Alternate name (i.e. C$, CC)

Service type translation options

0-No translation, 1-Name (8 PAX Limousine, Shared Van), 2-Alternate name (8PAX, Shared).

Vehicle translation options

0-No translation, 1-Name, 2-Display name

Direction translation options

0-No translation (i.e. A,D), 1-Name (i.e. Arrival, Departure), 2-Alternate name (i.e. ARR, DEP)

Pager translation options

0-No translation, 1-Name, 2-Display name (DName), 3-DeviceID