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View Application Error... Cannot Update. Database or object is read only.


Application Error… Cannot Update. Database or object is read-only.

This error message typically presents when trying to save a change to the main system  configuration file (ResFC.mdb).  Only one person / entity  at a time may have the configuration file open for editing.  If another user is making system configuration changes at the time you try to save your own modifications, this error may appear.  To resolve:  locate the person making changes, and ask him / her to save and exit the configuration.

If you are sure that no other person could be making changes to the configuration file, then the file may be "locked" by one of the HWeb Bridge applications.  Locate and stop the Bridge(s). Try completing and saving your configuration change while the Bridges are "stopped."  Once the changes are saved, restart the HWeb Bridge application(s).

If you require assistance in locating or stopping an HWeb Bridge application (on a Hudson hosted server for example), please contact Hudson Tech Support.

*****NOTE: When the Bridge application(s) are stopped, other system automation will be stopped as well, including outgoing email confirmations, flight status or schedule lookups, web reservation imports, message paging, etc.  The automation effected depends upon your specfic setup and configuration. For this reason, it is not wise to leave a Bridge application "stopped" for any longer than absolutely necessary!