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View Application Error 1001 - Can't Open XML report definition file

Category:Error Messages

Application Error (1001) - Can’t Open XML report definition file

When sending an email, if the Hudson user gets this error message it is most often due to a special character (#, @, /, etc.) in the reservation or the attached profile. If the email is an itinerary email, the special character could be in any of the attached bookings. 

Look for a special character in the reservation details and remove - this will usually resolve the issue. 

It the template is an XML formatted template, you can also add :X at the end of the token and this should resolve the issue in the future.  e.g.  %NAME% >  %NAME:X%


Additional Troubleshooting Tip:

If you are having trouble locating the offending characther:
You can also open the file generated (c:\temp\HWXDAC9.tmp) in text format (notepad), copy the information, then go to and paste the info under XML Input.  This will help you locate the line that contains the character that is breaking the template.