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View Application Error 52

Category:Error Messages

Application Error 52

Dispatcher error which occurs when clicking on an icon (shortcut) that is designed to start Dispatcher and automatically open a desktop or combination of grids (*.gdf files). Could not find grids in a desktop shortcut.

Step 1: Confiirm that the Desktop and grid files still exist and review the Directory and Path where it/they are stored.

Right Click on Microsoft Windows START button. Left Click Explore. Browse the network folders and files to locate the Hudson folder on the server. Open the Templates subfolder. This is where most Desktop folders are stored. For Example, lets say we are looking for the Desktop named Todays Arrivals which has several grid templates in it. See if you can locate on the server: \\ServerName\Hudson\Templates\TodaysArrivals. Open the TodaysArrivals folders and ensure that there are one or more grid files (*.gdf) in the folder.

Step 2: Check the properties and path of the Shortcut to make sure it is pointing to the correct location.
Right Click on the Shortcut on your windows desktop that is normally used to open the set of grid files. Left Click on Properties. Click anywhere in the TARGET line box. Use the left and right arrows on your keyboard to review the contents of the box. It may look something like this:
"C:Program Files\HWeb\HWebDispatcher.exe" /caption=HWebDispatcher:%USERID% /Desktop=ServerName\Hudson\HWeb\Templates\TodaysArrivals \\ServerName\Hudson\HWeb\HWeb.ini"

Review the section in Red to ensure that it is the same as the path identified in Step 1 above. Make adjustments as necessary to make sure that the path in Red is correct. Save changes and retry the shortcut.

If the problem persists, contact Hudson Tech Support.