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View Are you Hudson Secure


Are you Hudson Secure?

Hudson works to ensure that many levels of configurable security are built into each and every product. Not only do our clients require security, but outside agencies, who regulate things such as credit card processing, set standards for security that must be met in order for Hudson products to be compliant.  This article will broadly address how you can maximize the security of your Hudson system, and what things Hudson developers put into place that ensure your system, and data, are secure.

HWeb Dispatcher
  Grids Marked as Read-only
  File New  and File Open removed from level 1 dispatchers
  Use of the Admin  User Priv Report
  Setting / Changing User Priviliges

Credit Cards
  Enabling of Credit Card Security feature in config
  Restricting access to credit card numbers
  Credit card encryption
  Requiring the 3 digit security code CVV