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View Assinging an Affiliate profile from within HWeb Dispatcher

Category:HWeb Dispatcher

Assigning an Affiliate profile from within HWeb Dispatcher

This article contains info on how to assign an affiliate profile to a reservation, within the HWeb Dispatcher application (ver 1.89e) by using a  Hotkey / FastInfo menu configuration.

More and more operators are accepting reservations and orders for their clients who will be completing travel in destination markets distant from their own. Other operators will assign, or farm-out work that is beyond their capacity to handle, to subcontracted affiliates who will handle their overflow, or who may operate types of vehicles or services not present in their own fleets.

Following the steps outlined below will allow you to setup a Dispatcher Action Menu, permitting a dispatcher to easily assign an affiliate to an existing reservation with a mouse click.  The Dispatcher Action menu that is displayed, could be a separate menu from other dispatching and fleet management functions, listing those primary affiliates that are most commonly assigned overflow or farmed-out work.

Further, if using Hudson’s electronic reservation exchange system, assigning an affiliate in this way can also automatically transmit the reservation details to the designated affiliate; eliminating the need to call, fax, or email the affiliate with the record details. Reservation details simply flow instantly and automatically to the affiliates Hudson database.

To Add the ability to Assign an affiliate from within HWeb Dispatcher:

  1. Tools > Configuration > Hot Key / Fast Info
  2. File > Add New
  3. System Profile: <Any>  (or as appropriate for your system)
  4. Record Type: Dispatcher Action Menu
  5. Group Name:  Select from desired groups, already defined, or create new Group, eg: Affilliate Actions
  6. Caption:  Assign Affiliate, Assign to ABC Limo, (or similar)
  7. Priority: Set as desired - lower priority numbers appear first (higher) on the list.
  8. Function: Reservation Assign Affiliate
  9. Parameters:  [AFFILIATE=<ID>],<Action>   (See "Notes" below)
      1. Where 754 = the Affiliate Profile ID,
      2. AUTOSEND tells the HWeb Bridge to process the record and send to the affiliate.
  10. Multiple records may be created, using different captions to indicate different affiliates (parameters for each are customized according to the affiliate work is assigned to).
  11. Click Update  & Click Save Changes to DB
  • The Reservation history is updated to reflect the changes.
  • Restriction: Affiliate must be priced locally
  • Valid Parameters (Either a specific affiliate ID or a quick select grid file must be selected)
    • AFFILIATE=affiliate ID
    • SELECTGRID=select grid file (a custom grid displaying Affiliate profiles is launched. The appropriate affiliate is selected from the grid / list)
  • Valid Actions: one of the following Actions may be defined:
    • AUTOSEND (indicates that the reservation be queued for transmission to your partner.  NOTE: This functionality will require assistance from Hudson Tech Support and Business Development teams. Additional fees will apply for the electronic transmission of reservations).
    • OVERRIDE (indicates that the affiliate’s preferred driver and vehicle will always override the values set in the target reservation)