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View Baggage Surcharge

Category:HWeb Agent -> Surcharges

Baggage Surcharge - How to Configure

If you wish to charge a fee for baggage / luggage:

Open any of the Hudson applications and go to: Tools / Configuration / Application Configuration / General Configuration / Fare & Services.
    Select the tab labeled AIRPORTS (MAJOR PORTS).
    Locate a column titled BAGGAGE SURCHARGE TYPE set it to the appropriate type.
    Enter the BAGGAGE LIMIT.

Repeat the above steps for each Airport/Major Port you wish baggage charges to apply.

Now you must enable Baggage surcharges for each applicable service.

Go to the SERVICES tab locate the column APPLY BAGGAGE SURCHARGES and place a check mark in each service where baggage surcharges are applied. It is common for shared services to have such a charge, but private services not to levy the charge.
    Now press Apply and OK.
    Press F11 to refresh the configuration.