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View Building Desktops for ClientCenter and InfoView

Category:Web Reservation System

Building Desktops for ClientCenter and InfoView


Web Site Version 2.86+

ClientCenter Version 3+

Local System Version 1.92e (4211) or later

Hudson’s ClientCenter and InfoView offerings allow your clients direct access to their reservation information via your company’s Hudson web reservation system. When you provide the client with login credentials, you are giving them real-time access to historical, current and future reservation details. You have complete control of what information is displayed to them via the construction of customized Desktops. InfoView is generally designed to give your accounts the ability to login to the web site and “review” their reservation information. The ClientCenter provides the same access to information but provides additional functionality including reservation entry, edit, cancel, printing, data export and other advanced options. Also included in ClientCenter is the ability to add and manage individual member profiles that belong to the company or group. The setup and configuration of both these applications is similar and will be reviewed here.

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Here is is:  File:Building Desktops for ClientCenter and InfoView.pdf