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View Building and Managing Hudson Fare Files

Category:New Users - Start Here!

Creating, editing and managing Hudson fare files

The process of creating and managing fare files is a core foundational skill that gives you tremendous flexibility and the power to manage your transportation business.  This page will be added to continuously over time to provide users of all levels with self-help documents and training materials that will take you from the basic process of building your first airport fare file up through advanced fare file management and editing.  At the end of each section below will be found a link that will allow you to download the document. Many will be in the form of a Microsoft PowerPoint file.  If users do not have Microsoft Office or compatible product installed, you may download a free copy of MS PowerPoint Viewer here: PowerPoint Viewer for Windows

If you are just getting started and need a blank Fare File template to work with, you may download one here: File:HGTSfareTemplate.csv After clicking this link, you will be taken to a “download” page where you can click “Download File” to obtain your blank template.

Getting Started #101 - Building your First Airport Fare File

If you are a new client of the Hudson system, this is where you will most likely start. The attached MS PowerPoint presentation walks you through the key steps for building your first Airport fare file. This information will also be useful for existing clients who are trying to learn the basics of fare file creation.
Click this link to download the PowerPoint here:

File:HGTS Fare Files 101.ppt

Beginning Fare File Maintenance #102 - Importing and Uploading your Fare File

Once step one above has been completed and you saved your fare file, you need to get the information into the Hudson system so that you can test and apply the fares.  This is done by importing the fares to your Hudson ‘Local’ system and / or uploading to your Hudson web reservation site.  The information in this presentations steps you through the import and upload processes.
Click this link to download the PowerPoint here:

File:HGTS Fare Files 102.ppt

Beginning Fare File Maintenance #103 - Building Alternate Fare Files

Alternate Fare Files are a useful way to provide custom pricing to special Group Profiles in your system when profile discounts and other strategies won’t work.  The information in this presentations explains how to create and save an Alternate Fare File.
Click this link to download the PowerPoint here:

File:HGTS Fare Files 103.ppt

Beginning Fare File Maintenance #104 - Building Point to Point Fare & Zone Files

When you are ready to offer hourly (as directed) services, charter and point to point reservations, then you will need to follow the steps in this presentation to create point to point and zone files for your system.  If you are looking for a generic blank zone file template to use, you can follow this link: File:zones.csv
Click this link to download the PowerPoint here:

File:HGTS Fare Files 104.ppt