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Category:Credit Card Processing

Call Voice Center

When processing a credit card in HWeb Agent, you may get the message: “Call Voice Center." This is a response that is issued at the sole discretion of the financial institution that issued the card involved in the transaction. Generally, this means that the card issuer requires additional information on the transaction before they will issue an authorization. A number of scenarios could cause this message: a sudden increase in card activity; unusually high purchase amount; returned mail to the card holder; an inactive card with a sudden or unexpected use; transaction type is not permitted by the bank for this card; and the list goes on. Remember, it is at the issuing financial institution’s discretion when to issue this response, not the processor (such as Payment Resources Intl.). The processor is only the messenger in this situation. Call the authorization number provided and follow the instructions. This message does not indicate an automatic decline!  Their may be an additional charge for calling the voice center (not from Hudson).  Please refer to your specific processor for possible fees.