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View Can I Track Calls Made to Clients to Confirm or Reconfirm their reservations

Category:HWeb Agent

Can I Track Calls Made to Clients to Confirm or Reconfirm their reservations

Can I track calls made to clients to confirm or reconfirm their reservation details?

Definitely, and we can easily show you which clients have been called and which ones still need to be called. Typically, confirmation phone calls are made a day or two before travel, and then usually only to clients who have departure/outbound reservations, or Point to point, hourly or charter reservations or reservations that are originating from a residential location. 

The easiest way to begin is to build a custom Reservations grid in the HWeb Dispatcher application that shows all reservations for the next one or two days and to set the following filters:  Operation = Normal or Updated (eliminates all cancelled reservations); Direction = Departure (and Point to Point, Hourly, Charter if desired).  The field that you want to include in this view is the one named ‘ConfirmedWith’. Once all the reservations for the next day are displayed along with the client name, PickupLocation, etc, you will want to place a filter on the ConfirmedWith column = IsNull. This will then only show reservations that have not yet been confirmed. 

Double clicking any of the individual rows in this grid, will open a view only reservation details box.  A better way to manage these is to setup a hot key which when pressed will actually open the reservation in HWeb Agent for editing. When the reservationist has the client on the phone, they open the reservation and go to the Confirmed With field which is at the bottom of the Pickup/Dropoff Tab. From the pull down menu, the agent will select the appropriate confirmation type. (If you wish to adjust these options, select TOOLS/CONFIG/CODES.  There is a code type for "Reservation confirmation types". You can add/edit/remove any codes in this type.)  Once a confirmation type has been selected and the reservation saved, when the dispatcher grid refreshes (typically every 60 seconds) the reservation just confirmed will be removed from the table.  In this way, you have a continuous display of reservations that still need to be confirmed.

You can also add the ‘ConfirmedWith’ column to any dispatcher Reservation details grid so that dispatchers will be able to see if and how a reservation was confirmed. 

For a preconfigured grid showing most of these settings, download the the attachment.