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View Can I un-cancel a Previously Entered Reservation

Category:HWeb Agent

Can I Un-Cancel a Previously Entered Reservation?

YES - Very easily! Often a clients plans will change and they will call and cancel a reservation.  If their plans change again further, they may call and ask to un-cancel (or reactivate) a reservation. With the Hudson system, this is a very simple process and it is not necessary to re-enter all of the reservation details. Because we never actually delete a reservation, we only change its status,  you can simply locate the original reservation and  change its "status" from  "canceled" back to "normal."  The only remaining step(s) would be to change any of the travel details; date, flight time, pickup or drop off locations,  if needed.

How to Un-Cancel a reservation in HWeb Agent:

  • Press F3 key to open your search dialog box.
  • Enter the search criteria into the field and select the filters that will aid you in locating the clients canceled reservation / booking.
  • Open the reservation and go to the second tab:  Reservation Details
  • Locate the "Status" field,  select the drop list and change the value from "Canceled" to "Normal"
  • Edit or revise any other components of the reservation that may need to be updated.
  • Press F4 key to re-save the reservation.

Notes:  The History tab of the reservation will reflect the date and time the reservation was un-canceled.