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View Cannot Print to a Print Server on Local Newtork


Cannot Print to a Print Server on Local Network

Cannot Print to a Print Server on local network while working in an RDP platform.


When opening the Printers & Faxes configuration on the Terminal Services Server, your active session is not displayed with an associated Printer


When using Terminal Services to access a Hudson LTD online server (such as LTD3), you will not be able to print to a printer on your local network if it has been connected to a stand-alone print server (such as HP Jet Direct).  This results because MS Terminal Services cannot redirect to an IP address on  the local network.  It is not a failure of Hudson products.


  1. Ensure proper printer drivers are installed on each workstation which is printing to the network printer.
  2.  Ensure that the printer has been added and the same drivers added to the source or host Terminal Services server
  3. In the local office, share the previously installed (most likely default) printer
  4. Give the existing printer a simple name: ex: HP4200
  5. In the local office, use the Add a New Printer Wizard to add an additional (duplicate) printer to each workstation. Do Not Set this as the Default Printer.
  6. Open the new printer properties. Go to the port configuration and set to print via LPT3 port.  Also: set this printer to be shared. 

    Open a command prompt and enter:
            net use lpt3: \\[workstation-name]\[new-printer-name] /persistent:yes
    Ex:   net use lpt3: \\counter2\HP4200 /persistent:yes
  7. Do a test print from Word, Notepad or other, from the local PC and ensure printer connection is working.
  8. Connect to the Terminal Services server and retry printing.

This is not the only solution, but is a viable work-around this shortcoming of MS Terminal Services and RDP printing protocol.  It is best used in a small office environment with few workstations printing to one or a few printers only.