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There is 1 subcategory for this category

Articles in category "HWeb Agent":

There are 99 articles for this category

- Adding Barcode Tokens to a Template

- Adding Charges for International Flights Arrivals Only and Specific Services

- Adding Coupons and General Discounts

- Adding Employees and Using Employee Sign In Sign Out

- Adding Landmark Locations

- Adding Users Usernames Passwords Privileges

- Add Toolbars to your Hudson Applications

- Advanced Confirmation Template Configuration

- Automatic Gratuity Application


- Baggage Surcharge


- Can I Add or Modify the Names of Payment Types

- Can I Automatically Send an Email Confirmation after Saving a Reservation

- Can I Monitor the Status of Inbound Private Aircraft Flights

- Can I Track Calls Made to Clients to Confirm or Reconfirm their reservations

- Can I un-cancel a Previously Entered Reservation

- Changing the color of the Field of Focus in HWeb Agent

- Command Line Options - Shortcut Properties

- Compounding Discounts and Gratuities

- Configuration - Credit Card Required

- Configuring and Using the Notes Feature

- Creating Custom Receipts

- Currency Types -- How to Add and Edit

- Custom Hourly Rates


- Deleting or Removing a Profile

- Driver and Vehicle Transactions

- Driver Reconciliation

- Driver Shift Maintenance


- Editing Trip Status from Within HWeb Agent

- Email Confirmations

- Embedded HotKey Functions and Actions

- Employee Time Clock Function

- Extra Stops Charter Details Tab Coloring


- FlightView - What is it


- Generating Email to Multiple Contacts


- How can I Set Gratuity for a Single Service for One Direction Type

- How do HWeb Products Handle Credit Cards

- How do I Add a Fuel Surcharge

- How do I Add a New Airline to my Reservation System

- How do I Add a Round Trip Discount

- How do I Add a Surcharge for Arrivals Only for a Single Vehicle or Service

- How do I Add or Modify a Rider Type

- How do I Change the Heading that appears on top of Reports

- How do I Disable a Line Run for a single day

- How Do I Enable the No Close Option

- How do I find a Standard Template

- How do I get Special Instructions from a Profile to Display on a Reservation

- How Do I put an Account on Credit Hold

- How do I Track and Pay Sales Commisions

- How do I use the Additional Billing Details field in Agent

- How to Create and Use Location Notes

- How to Design a Cancellation Confirmation Template

- How to Enter a Reservation in HWeb Agent

- How to set the default Travel Date in HWeb Agent

- How to Use Mark Paid Feature and Create a Payment Summary

- HWeb Agent Function Keys - HotKeys

- HWeb Agent Search Quick Keys


- index

- Is there a Keyboard Template that we can use

- I just began serving a new airport. How do I add this to HWeb Agent

- I want Hotel Phone Numbers to Display in HWeb Agent Reservation Screen


- Line Run Management

- Login Security

- Looking up Locations in SubType in HWeb Agent


- Making Reservations for the Future

- Meanings of Update and Save DB

- Mileage Pricing in HWeb Agent


- Off Peak Surcharge


- Point to Point Reservations

- Profiles - Don't Allow Direct Bill

- Profile - Convert Direct Bills to Credit Card on Web Import


- Remote Desktop Printiing with TerminalWorks

- Reprint a ticket - Clearing Print History

- Reservation Source Types


- Scheduled Fare Increase

- Searching Passengers in HWeb Agent

- Service Areas

- Service Extras

- Setting and Changing Hourly Rates

- Setting up HWeb Agent to Pull Fares from Other Hudson Client Web Sites

- Short Notice Surcharge

- Special Edit Mode

- Standing Order Management


- Tokens

- Tokens for Extra Stops


- User is Locked Out

- Using Did Not Accept Status

- Using Exception Records to Restrict Pickup Dates

- Using the Quote Status Option

- Using USB Credit Card Swiper


- Viewing Archived Records

- Voucher Management



- What are all of the fields in HWeb Agent used for

- What do the Characters or Letters next to the Reservation Number mean

- What is an Open Return How are they used and how do I create one

- What is Departure Delay and How Do I Use It and Configure It

- What is the Maximum Number of Rows Possible in a Dispatch Grid

- Where Can I Find Current Airline or Airport Codes


- Zero KB Attachments Sent From Hudson System