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Articles in category "Unassigned":

There are 130 articles for this category

- 24 Hour Time Support Available


- Adding a Favicon

- Adding a Second Employee to a Trip

- Addition of WIndows Themes to Hudson Applications

- Adjustment and Override Codes

- Advanced Confirmation Template Configuration

- Airlines

- Airport Codes in ALERT

- Airport Strings

- Allow 0 Fare

- Application Error... Cannot Update. Database or object is read only.

- Application Error - 2147418105

- Arrival First on Portal Welcome Page


- Cannot Print to a Print Server on Local Newtork

- Can I Monitor the Status of Inbound Private Aircraft Flights

- Changing Service order or sequence on the Service Options Page

- Changing the default or displayed recommended pickup time

- Checking and Updating your HWeb License

- Configuring and Using Uniprint

- Connect an additional computer to ALERT

- Creating and Applying Unapplied Payments in HWeb Receivables

- Creating a Custom Invoice

- Creating Custom Tokens for Group Profile

- Creating Driver Groups


- Downloading an ALERT License

- Dynamic DNS Service for Terminal Service Clients


- E-mailing Invoices from HWeb Admin

- EFax and PDF file to a Customer

- Email Confirmations

- Enabling and Configuring Terms and Conditions

- Entering Latitude and Longitude in a Fare File

- Enter Airlines

- Enter Airports

- Enter Credit Card Types

- Enter Employee Profiles

- Enter Users and Assiging Permission Rights

- Enter Vehicle Types

- Error The Log File for Database Res2SQL is Full

- Exadigm Configuration for WiFi

- Exadigm Configuration for WiFi and Combo Modems


- First Name - Last Name formatting options when Importing Web Reservations

- FlightView Screen Shots Inside Hudson Applications


- Groups on the Web


- How do I add a Comment or Message to an Invoice

- How do I Apply a Credit Memo to an Invoice or Write Off an Invoice

- How do I configure my emailsmtp with authentication

- How do I Create Service Groups

- How Do I Enable the No Close Option

- How do I Enter an Affiliate Profile

- How do I get Files and Reports from a Hudson Hosted Server to my Office PC

- How do I List the Arrival Information First on a Web Portal

- How do I Remove an Individual from a Group Profile

- How do I Void or Cancel an Invoice

- How to Build Invoice Groups

- How to Build Profiles in the Hudson System

- How to Build Profiles in the Hudson System Quick Overview

- How to Configure and Use Note of the Day Feature

- How to Find Base Fare when you have to work Backwards from the Total Fare

- How to Lock Fare Components - Preventing Changes

- How to Skip the Hudson Web System Welcome Page

- How to Use Exception Record Configuration

- How to Use the Fare Trace and Fare Maintenance Tools

- HTML Basics - Making Your Portals Effective

- HTML Framing

- Hudson Adds Voice Talent to it's List of Services

- Hudson Email List

- Hudson Web Links

- Hudson Web Workspace

- HWeb Agent Quick Reservation

- HWeb Agent Will Not Start


- Importing Reservations to HWeb in CSV Format

- index

- Is there a Keyboard Template that we can use

- IS ther a way to Delete a Note Added in a Profile

- I got an Error saying a Group Profile has expired.


- Keyboard Shortcut Change Ctrl X


- Limiting Services Displayed in a Portal

- Linking Graphics to Portals

- Location Drop Lists

- Login Error Codes

- Login Failed for User Not Associated with a trusted SQL Server Connection


- Managing Profiles in Local System and Then Exporting to Web

- Manual Invoice Custom Invoice Item Types

- Mark Paid Allow Print Preiview

- Merging Duplicate Profiles in the HWeb Suite


- No Rate Airport


- PDF Emails are Blank When sent

- Please Wait While Windows Configures Microsoft Office 2000

- Point to Point Round Trips on the Web

- Portal Buttons & Stock Graphics

- Portal Graphic Request Form

- Portal Specific Web Reservation Cutoff Adjustment

- Posted Invoice does not Appear in Recievables

- Profiles - Don't Allow Direct Bill

- Profile - Convert Direct Bills to Credit Card on Web Import

- Put Web Reservations in Your Hotels


- Real - Time Arrival Web Reservations from Airlines

- Receipts

- Reinitializing Configuration

- Require Dual Email Entry