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View Changing Service order or sequence on the Service Options Page


Changing Service Order or Sequence on the Service Options Page

For each service that you configure in the Hudson system, you can determine where in the displayed list of services it will appear.   By default, the priority value is the same as the Service Number, but
you can override these and set them to anything you wish.  Remember
though that these settings are global in nature and effect the entire
site. As of the date of this article, you cannot override the display priority within a portal.

As far as listing the services / vehicles in a particular order, this is established within the Service Configuration.  In each service type, there is a setting called "Priority".  Services with a lower priority value will appear higher / first in the list, while services with higher priority number values will appear further down the list.   When the priority value is the same for multiple services, generally the services will be displayed in Service Number sequence.