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View Changing the color of the Field of Focus in HWeb Agent

Category:HWeb Agent

Changing the color of the Field of Focus in HWeb Agent

  When you tab through the fields on the various screens of HWeb Agent, you can see which field on the screen is waiting for information input or selection because the field has a default background color of a pale yellow. This colored background follows the cursor as you tab into additional fields to add additional information. It may be desireable to change the background color that indicates this ‘field of focus’ so that the currently selected field contrasts more vividly, or discreetly perhaps, from other fields that will hold and display the pale yellow background color, even after the agent has tabbed out and onto another field (ex: when on the Fare and Availability screen (F6), the PickupLocation remains highlighted and pale yellow, so as to show which location was selected). If the reservation entry process is interrupted for any reason, it can take a moment to relocate the current field of focus once your attention returns to the reservation monitor.

By setting the field of focus color to a green or blue, for example, it is possible to very quickly see which field on the screen is currently highlighted.

To change this color:

Tools \ Configuration \ Advance Features - Colors & Fonts tab
Locate: "Current (edit) field background" in the Description column
Double Click the color field to the right of this description, under the value column.
From the displayed color pallette, select one of the basic colors displayed, or select the "define custom colors" button to create your own custom color. NOTE: selecting a lighter color as the background allows the text in the field to be read more easily. Selecting dark background colors makes text more difficult to read.

Click OK to accept the new color and return to the Advance Features table.
Click Apply and OK to return to the application.