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View Changing the default or displayed recommended pickup time


Changing the default or displayed recommended pickup time.

Can I change which time is the recommended or default pickup time that clients see on the web or agents see in the local system, and can I change the number of time options that are displayed?

The answer to both questions is YES.

WEB System
As of the date of this writing, the hudson web system supports 4 suggested times.
To change these settings, login to the Web Reservation Utility page.
Go to General Configuration page.
Look for the DIRECTIONAL OPTIONS section.
Set the Maximum PickupTimes value as desired from 1 to 4. 
For arrivals only. you can adjust the Position of the suggested Pickup Time to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th.

HWeb Agent
In HWeb Agent,  this is configured per SERVICE. 
Browse to Tools / Config / Fare & Services / Service Tab.
Locate the column: Fare Quote Times to Display. Set the desired value for each service.
Then also adjust, as desired the "fare quote departure time row default"  and the "fare quote arrival time row default" values.  This again specifes whether the recommended default time appears in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. position.

NOTE:  In all cases, the Suggested PickupTime is the one that is "Guaranteed" to get the client to the airport to allow sufficient check in time and make their flight.  This recommended time is the one that the system calculates based on travel time, airport check-in rules and other items configured in your system.  While a pickup time EARLIER than recommended will normally result in a client being delivered to their destination eearlier than necessary,  a pickup time that is LATER than the recommended time may mean they may not be allowing sufficient time to make it to their flight/destination.  You may wish to include a warning or advisement that selecting a pickup time later than recommended is not guaranteed, and will not be subject to refund if client misses their flight.