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View Classic School Site Inverse Exceptions


Classic School Site Inverse Exceptions

Classic School Site



Classic Transportation has multiple sites with Hudson. One of these sites is designed for college students (and/or their parents) to make reservations online (with a credit card) for pickup to/from a select number of schools. This site is unique in that it is only available during holiday periods and these periods are different per school.


Files used; (several fare files, timerec.csv and locexc.csv) These files can be found at \\HudsonTS\DFS\Hudson\Classic-Bus  The locexc.csv file is the exception record file.  Here is where the location is turned with a date and time.   

Current School Translation List (as of 11/19/07):



WW1 – Amherst College

WW2 – Hampshire College

WW3 – Mount Holoyke

WW4 – Smith College

WW5 – U Mass Amherst

XX1 – SUNY New Paltz

XX2 – SUNY Albany

XX3 – Marist

XX4 – Rensselaer (RPI)

XX5 – Vassar

XX6 – Holy Cross

XX7 – Potsdam


XX9 – Clark University

YY1 – Quinnipiac

YY7 – Assumption

YY8 – Coast Guard Academy

YY9 – RI School of Design

ZZ1 – Trinity College

ZZ2 – Providence College

ZZ3 – Unv. of Rhode Island

ZZ4 – Connecticut College

ZZ5 – Yale University

ZZ6 – Mitchell College

ZZ7 – Used somewhere else

ZZ7 – Used somewhere else

ZZ9 – Used for Six Flags


To manage this site, we use an inverse exception and a time record on all pickup/dropoffs for the schools. We then ENABLE each day for each school within the exception record and use the time records to set the pickup time available for each location.






Alt Dep Time Rec

Alt Arr Time Rec






















All exception records for direction “arrival” enables service FROM the school to the dropoff points. All exception records for direction “departures” enables service back TO the school from the pickup points.


All Time Record IDs have been simply labeled as times, since there is only one time available per location. There are more records in the time record CSV than are required, but the additional records have been added in order to make the maintenance process more efficient.

To add new pickup times and dates per location it is best to copy and insert rows.  For example, the above example is out of date.  I want to add new dates and times for the location XX1 which translates to Suny New Paltz.  The pickup times and dates are sent over from Classic for each location.  You will notice that most often these Pick up date and times are identical for several locations.  This makes copying and inserting much easier.  Assume I get the following emailed for XX1 (Suny New Paltz) Arrival 12/21/2007  at 1530    Departure 12/29/2007 at 1300, 1530, 1700.  I want to add Four rows that read the following





Alt Dep Time Rec

Alt Arr Time Rec






















The best way to do this is to copy the original 4 rows, insert the copied rows below them and then edit them accordingly.

Make sure you check the time records file timerec.csv for the pickup times you added.  You need to be sure that all the times you added exist inside this file.

Any changes to the fares can be made inside the fares files.  

Once done, import all the files that were changed by going to .  File type for locexc is Exceptions and then browse to the Osprey directory \\Osprey\c$\HWebDB\Classic\CLS2\locexc.csv , check here: <input type=“checkbox” name=“DELETEDB” /> Import and replace database  and then click on <input> . 

To test this go to and enter in the Group Profile ZSCHOOL here

Enter School Code

<input size=“10” name=“USERIDENTRY” /> <input type=“submit” name=“LOGON” /></td>

and click GO. 

Choose a school and a date and time that should work.  If you are successful then choose a time that should not work.