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View Collecting for Charity

Category:Web Reservation System

Using a portal to collect donations to charity

Clients have asked if it is possible for them to use a web portal to allow people making reservations to pay an additional amount, above transportation fares charged, and have that money collected on behalf of a charity.  This could be achieved fairly easily by adding a Service Extra, and allowing people to add this to their web reservation.  Another option is to donate 5% of a fare to a charity.  This is a quick overview of how this second item can be achieved using Hudson’s online web reservation system portal technology.

One Hudson client has used the Service Extra option to create a “carbon fund offset” which is then donated to environmental causes. Many airlines offer the same carbon offset donation option.  Another client wished to collect money for a fundraiser / charity in memory of a close friend.

One of the key things to remember in these scenarios is that you do not wish to increase the fare for the trip (upon which gratuities, commissions and other surcharges may be calculated).

In the example below, we will assume that you wish to have 5% of your fare donated to a charity for all web reservations. Hudson suggests that you:

  • Create a custom Group Profile and have that profile use an Alternate Fare File.
  • In the Alternate fare file, reduce your base fares by 5%
  • Configure a Fare Component override on Location Charge (or other unused surcharge item in the Fare Component Listing) adding the 5% back in.
  • In your fare component configuration, make sure the driver does not get a commission on this fare component.
  • You can then build a custom grid, viewed in Dispatcher where this fare component is not=zero. You can then view reservations made and know how much needs to be donated to the cause.