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View Command Line Options - Shortcut Properties

Category:HWeb Agent
Category:HWeb Dispatcher
Category:File Layouts

Command Line Options for Hudson Application Shortcuts



These options are available to change the settings of HWeb products. These settings are changed within the shortcut, right-click on the shortcut, a menu will appear listing several options. Left-click on Properties. The Properties will appear onscreen. The shortcut tab should be shown as selected. You will be able to add the below options to the end of the program location shown in the Target: tab. There must be a space between the options and the last quote.

Example - To have the HWebAgent always start Maximized enter the below options:

“C:Program FilesHWebHWebAgent.exe” /WINDOWSTATE=2 x:hweb.ini



NOTE: Whenever adding command line parameters ie (/Desktop=, /AltCache, /Caption=) Please list them alphabetically. This is only for visual assistance, so that if you ever need to verify a parameter is being used in a shortcut one can look quickly rather than back and forth in the shortcut. If you find shortcuts not using this method, either via Terminals Services OR when you are onsite, please correct them to this new procedure.

HWeb Options (available on all 4 products)

/Caption= – Option to display name on Taskbar (to display login use %USERID%, %CONFIGNAME%)

/Center – Option to override the left and top values when window is NOT maximized

/ForceCacheRefresh – Unconditionally refresh ResFC database

/NoSplash – Option to disable the splash screen

/PrintPreview – Enable print preview on startup

/Left=, /Height=, /Top= and /Width= XXX – Option to override the position and size of the main form (XXX values in twips)

/Windowstate= - Option to override the initial window state (0-Normal, 1-Minimized, 2-Maximized)

/Archive – Starts product in Archive Table

/Profile= – Starts product with specific System Profile

/NoClose – Removes close X from upper right hand corner

/AltCache - Enable the use of an alternate cache. Normally the cache directory is the users temporary directory, but under certain circumstances it is desirable to set a specific directory (e.g. a common directory for all terminal services users)

/RegKey= - String value added to the Windows Registry so that multiple shortcuts can have different screen positions saved. The option is useful when using multiple monitors.

/Monitor= - Numeric value used with multiple monitor setups. By setting per shortcut, dialog boxes and tools display in proper monitor (used with RegKey)

/DebugLog - Sets tools/log settings/debug to ON each time application starts

/UserID=USERNAME,PASSWORD - Sets the application to open automatically with the given log in information.
HWebAgent Options

/SpecialEditMode – Starts Agent in Sp. Edit mode (if privileged)



HWebDispatcher Options

/Desktop= - Option to open a collection of grids (use full path)

/File= - Option to auto load a specific grid

/NoToolBar – Turn off the tool bar

/NoStatusLine – Turn off the status line

/ViewOnly – Opens HWebDispatcher with view only user cannot change information displayed in grid. Sorts and Finds are the only functions available. Filters can not be changed, data can not be modified.

/OldDesktopSelect – Uses pre 1.82 open desktop (non-windows version)

/Vx= (x=1,2…x) - Used on command line to pass parameters (%CMDVx%) to grids, usually a on filter


HWebAdmin Options

/Fast – Enables Admin to run in fastest mode by default



HWebPoller Options

/SysTray - Sets HWebPollers to be minimized into the system tray (near clock), instead of the taskbar (near start button)