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View Components of a Dispatcher Shortcut

Category:HWeb Dispatcher
Category:File Layouts

Components of an HWeb Dispatcher Shortcut


Desktop Shortcuts are used to create quick views that are used by Dispatchers regularly.  These views can range from a full screen of reservations, trips, drivers and vehicles to a single view of only one file.  These shortcuts can be set to automatically minimize or maximize on startup or even hide Status Lines, Tool Bars and Close buttons.


To view the parameters of a Shortcut, right-click on the shortcut and select Properties.  Select the tab labeled Shortcut, locate the section named Target:

A normal Dispatch Shortcut’s Target will appear similar to below:

"C:\Program Files\HWebDispatcher\HWebDispatcher.exe" \\SERVER\hudson\hweb\hwebdispatcher.ini

The section in RED displays the location of the dispatcher program.  The section in BLUE displays the location of the settings.

Target options can be added to enhance the functionality of the HWebDispatcher.  An example of a target option is:  /caption="Departures: %USERID%"

The Target Option /caption= enables you to change the display name within the TaskBar of Windows.  %USERID% displays the UserName of the currently logged in user.  This is helpful when trying to determine who is logged into a particular HWeb Dispatcher program.

Another useful Target Option is /Desktop=.  This option is used to open a folder containing multiple grids.  For example: /desktop=\\SERVER\Hudson\HWeb\Templates\Departures_Today

This option enables you to simply double-click on the shortcut to automatically open the folder "Departures_Today".  This folder would contain the necessary grids to manage all departures for today.

An advanced Target Option available is /Profile=.  This option specifies a collection of individual rules/settings that can be managed per Shortcut rather than globally every user.  Profiles are most useful in this application to set specific Hot Keys, Fast Info Menus, Email/Fax Settings, Credit Card Settings and/or Pager Quick Keys for individual users.  For example: /Profile=Dep_User

A shortcut that would utilize all of the above features would have a Target that looked like:

"C:\Program Files\HWebDispatcher\HWebDispatcher.exe" /Profile=Dep_User/caption="Departures: %USERID%"/desktop=\\SERVER\Hudson\HWeb\Templates\Departures_Today \\SERVER\hudson\hweb\hwebdispatcher.ini

This Target is translated as follows: The HWebDispatcher program is found in C:\Program Files\HWeb Dispatcher Using a profile called Dep_User With a caption of Departures: %USERID% Opening a grids located in \\SERVER\Hudson\HWeb\Templates\Departures_Today utilizing the settings found in \\SERVER\hudson\hweb\hwebdispatcher.ini