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View Compounding Discounts and Gratuities

Category:HWeb Agent

Compounding Discounts and Gratuities

If you find yourself with reservations that are displaying unusually high gratuities or discounts, it could be that the HWeb system is taking a gratuity/discount specified in a group profile and adding it to a gratuity/discount that has been automatically added based on the configuration established for the service type selected. In this situation, the gratuities/discounts might have added together or compounded. The result is a significantly higher gratuity than a client intended to pay or a deeper discount than you intended to offer to the client.

This is easily resolved by a setting in the configuration.

Go to Tools \  Configuration \ Fare and Services \  Reservation Tab

Include Discounts

No Discounts - Disables all discounts - discounts will not be dedcuted from fares
All Discounts - Will total all discounts applicable and will reduce fares by this total amount
Only Highest Discount - Will find all applicable discounts and reduce fare by the highest discount value found.

Include Gratuities
No Gratuities - Disables gratuities - No gratuities will be added to fares
All Gratuities - Will total all gratuities applicable and will add the total to fare.
Only Highest Gratuity - Compares all gratuites and adds only the highest gratuity to fare.
Service then Group Profile - Uses gratuity specified in the Service Type
Profile then Service Profile - Uses the gratuity specified in the Profile.