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View Configuring and Using Uniprint


Configuring and Using UniPrint

If you are a Hudson client connecting to an online server in order to run your application and have questions about printing, then this article may assist you.

The Problem:

The computer that you actually connect to the Internet with probably has one or more printers installed and configured. When you install a printer on your machine, a printer ‘driver’ is also setup and installed. This driver is a small type of program, that tells your computer how to format information that is sent to the printer. One printer can have several different drivers on an installation disc or program - usually the correct one is automatically selected for you when you do the installation process. Printer drivers are also updated from time to time by printer manufacturers. Your computer might even be downloading and updating these drivers automatically without your knowledge (not necessarily a bad thing to do).

When you connect to an online hosted server using the Microsoft RemoteDesktopProtocol, and then login to the Hudson Server, the server does a kind of "hand-shake" with your computer. The server checks to see the kind of printer(s) that you have installed and configured on your computer. The server then remembers that when you ask to print something from one of the Hudson applications, it will send the information to you, formatted and ready to be printed on the specific printer you are using. In order to do this, Hudson Tech Support staff must install on the server the IDENTICAL printer drivers that you are using on your computer. If the driver is a different version (newer or older) then it is very likely that your document will not print, or will not print correctly.

Frequently, Hudson Tech Support will get clients setup and printing intially only to have sudden printing issues later, perhaps due to the changing or updating of Printer drivers. Troubleshooting Terminal Service printing problems can be tedious, frustrating and time consuming.

The Solution:

UniPrint is a service/application that does a kind of universal translation of anything you try to print and then sends it to you in a universally understood format. Your computer then takes and prints the document to any printer you might have on your computer.  There are no more printer drivers to monitor or maintain. UniPrint translates documents into the commonly used PDF (Portable Document Format (*.pdf)) that is created by Adobe Acrobat software.

The Hudson Group pays a license fee to Uniprint and then installs the translation engine on the hosted servers. If you have the UniPrint Client application (no charge) installed on each of the computers you connect to Hudson software with, then any items you elect to print from the Hudson server are translated and sent down to your computer for final printing.

To setup the UniPrint Client application:

You may easily and quickly download and configure the UniPrint client application by:
  1. Go to:
  2. Select the Full UniPrint Client option as well as well as your Operating System. The other defaults should be fine for most Hudson clients.
  3. Click the Download button. The 7MB sized file will be downloaded to your computer.
  4. After download, you will need to open and run the application. Generally you should accept the defaults suggested during installation, which takes a minute or less. You may be prompted to reboot your computer after installation.

To Test:

Using your normal method, connect to and then login to the Hudson server. When you connect to a Hudson server (or any other for that matter) that has the UniPrint server application installed, your UniPrint client application will launch and will work to translate all print jobs.  Once connected, click START button, then browse to Settings - Control Panel - Printers and Faxes. You should see a printer here named UniPrint and this should be set as your default printer.  If it is not set as your default printer, you can right click the icon and select Set as default printer.  Then:

  1. Right click on the UniPrint printer name / icon.
  2. Left click on Properties.
  3. Left click the Print Test Page button in the properties window.

It may take several seconds for the test print to be generated and then "sent" to your computer.
If nothing is printed within 15-20 seconds, try minimizing your Remote Desktop session and see if there is a dialog box or other window that is open on your PC that is asking for input before actually printing the document. In some cases, you may see your document in Print Preview mode, prior to actually being sent to the printer. In this situation, you should be able once again to say Print, or select the printer on your computer / network, and then the document will be printed.  This print preview mode is a setting that may be disabled, if desired, by opening the UniPrint software on your computer and then editing the configuration settings.

You can now proceed to login to your HWeb applications and print trip sheets, reports and other documents.