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View Connect an additional computer to ALERT


Connect an additional computer to ALERT

1.    On the PC where ALERT is installed, double click My Computer, then right click on the drive where ALERT resides. Select Sharing. Click the Share As button. Enter a descriptive name in the Share Name field, e.g. "C On Main". Check Full access. Click on OK.
2.    On the remote station, double click on Network Neighborhood
3.    Double click on the machine name where ALERT resides.
4.    Right click on the correct drive and click on Map Network Drive.
5.    Accept or change the drive letter, and verify the path.

6.    Check Reconnect at Logon and click OK
7.    To add ALERT as a shortcut to the desk top of the remote PC, right click on an empty area of your desktop and click on New/Shortcut.
8.    Enter the network drive, path and program name, e.g. F:\ALERT\ALERT.EXE. Follow the prompts until the ALERT icon appears on the desktop.