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View Converting Reservation History To The Reservation Audits Table

Category:HWeb Admin

Converting Reservation History To The Reservation Audits Table

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Reservation Audits (V1.90)


The Reservation Audits table in the SQL Database is dedicated to tracking reservation history. This gives Hudson Clients the ability to run reports on historical events, such as when a group of reservations were marked paid. Additional history tracking is now available as well, such as the ability to track when all drivers, vehicles, are assigned to or removed from reservations.


1. From The SQL Database select Tables open the ReservationAudits table in Design View. Add an Index to the following fields ResID and UpdatedTOD.

2. Load software HWeb version 1.90 or higher.

3.Open any of the HWeb applications and Go to Tools >Configuration >Fare & Services >Hudson/Security, check off Use Reservation Audits table for history.

4. Run Hweb Admin/Database utilities/Update records/Current Reservations Audit.

5. Once process is complete have all users F11 to refresh the configuration.

6.  You might have to run the current reservation audit process multiple times, which will help capture any records that were modified by other users during the 1st attempt.

7. Run archive reservations audit, the process is now complete.