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View Creating Custom Tokens

Category:File Layouts

Building Custom Tokens for Hudson Applications and Templates

In the Hudson system, a Token is a value that can be inserted into various document templates and is then automatically poplulated with the correct value from a reservation or trip, when the document is generated. An example of a commonly used Token would be Pickup Time. In the Reservations database, this value is stored as PickupTOD. A Token exists %PICKUPTOD% which can be inserted into a confirmation screen, email confirmation template, driver trip sheet, etc. which results in the reservation PickupTOD value being inserted in the proper place in each of these documents.

The remainder of this article contains examples of tokens and uses formatting codes that won’t display in this KnowledgeBase. Please follow the link below to download a pdf version of this article that contains the remainder of the content.

File:Creating Custom Tokens.pdf