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View Creating Custom Tokens for Group Profile


Creating Custom Tokens for Group Profiles

The below link is a web support page.

Often times when a web portal (Group Profile) is created, there are specific things the customer wishes to see inside this group profile.  The possibilities are numerous; special fares, discounts, instructions, payment types, logos, colors, fonts, etc.  Another possibility is the creation of custom tokens.  These tokens are then specified inside the group profile.  The following is an overview of the steps taken to do this.

Creating a custom token

1.  Go to the Web utilities page of the customers web site.

2. Click on Token Configuration 

    a.  Summary display

    b.  Choose the web page you wish the token to display on.  (I choose Service Options and click Go)

    c.  Click on the token you wish to replace or change.  (I choose PICKUPOPTA)

    d.  Next to token change from PICKUPOPTA to PICKUPOPTA_CUSTOM

    e.  Inside the String box, change accordingly.  (I change "Transportation is available" to "This is a Custom token" and click update button)

     f.  Then I add in the description box for my new token (PICKUPOPTA_CUSTOM) "I made a custom token and this is it", then I click Update button.

3.  Click on Utility Menu

4.  Click on Group Configuration

    a.  Select the group you wish to apply this custom token from the group list.

    b.  In web edited profile options box enter the following: PGH=PICKUPOPTA:%PICKUPOPTA_CUSTOM%,

    c.  Then click Update

    d.  This overwrites the existing PICKUPOPTA token with the token you created called PICKUPOPTA_CUSTOM