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View Creating Driver Groups


Creating Driver Groups

The Hudson system allows you to "cluster" or "batch" drivers together into Driver Groups. This can be useful, for example, when you have some drivers that service a single/specific airport, while others on your staff service a different airport. 

In this example, you would create a Driver Group for each airport serviced, so that at any given time, you could display a list, or Admin Report, on drivers that serve a specific location(s).

To build Driver Groups:

  2. From the driver maintenance tool, select TOOLS/DRIVER GROUPS.
  3. Press NEW on left side to create a NEW Driver Group.
  4. Name (for the group) is required, DName (an abbreviated name) is optional

Adding Drivers to Driver Groups:
(continued from step 5 above)
  1. Then in the right side, press NEW adding your new driver group drivers.
  2. Repeat as needed to add all drivers.
  3. When finished press UPDATE DRIVER GROUPS

Second option for adding drivers to Driver Groups:
From within a driver profile (TOOLS/CONFIGURATION/DRIVERS, select the tab labled "Misc".  From the Driver Group drop down list, select the desired Driver Group name. Save and update the changes to the Driver profile.

NOTE:  The procedures outlined above, also apply to Vehicle Groups and vehicle configuration!