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Category:HWeb Mobile Devices

Creating a Bind



Subject: Steps to creating a Hudson Bind

Summary: This document outlines the procedure to create an application that “Binds” together three separate applications HWeb, Abanco, and Exadigm. Once this procedure is completed the created application will be loaded onto each POS device.

  1. Get the latest Hudson Terminal version from – root on ‘Samba Server’[L]     you can access this directory by mapping a Network Drive from your local     workstation. Go to the Terminal directory and right click the Hudsonxxx     file and select copy.
  2. Paste the file into the directory – L:\examate3.2\app\bin.
  3. Now open the Putty application located on the     Desktop of Osprey and Load the Unix Machine session and select open.
  4. Login as: su     (Super User) Password: xxxxxxxx     (see Support Administrator for the password) you are now logged in as root. To change directories type the     command – cd nyas and enter, at     the command prompt type ./makehudson     client id command (The client     id is the initials of each client in (L:\hwebterminal).
  5. This process creates the app.cramfs that gets     stored in the client directory located on the Samba Server     (L:\hwebterminal).