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View Creating and Applying Unapplied Payments in HWeb Receivables


Creating and Applying Unapplied Payments in HWeb Receivables

  If the DB level is greater than or equal to 75, un-applied
 payments can be created or applied against existing invoices. An un-applied payment
 is when a payment is received which is greater than the amount of the outstanding
 invoices. This overpayment amount can be applied to invoices at a later time.

When applying payments to a group’s invoices if the remaining amount of the
 check is greater than the amount of the last invoice for the group, the question
 ‘Do you want to create an un-applied payment of <un-applied amount> with
 the remaining balance?’ will be displayed. If ‘Yes’ is answered, an un-applied
 payment will be created for the group.

When a group has un-applied payments that can be applied, the ‘Un-applied Payments’
 tab will turn blue and the reapplied amount field will be visible on the ‘Payment
 Details’ tab. The ‘Un-applied Payments’ tab can be clicked to see the list of
 un-applied payments for the group. The payment that is selected will be the payment
 that is used if a ‘Reapplied Payment’ amount is entered on the ‘Payment Details’

To apply an un-applied payment to an invoice, select the invoice to apply the
 payment to and enter the amount to apply in the ‘Reapplied amount’ field. This
 field is below the ‘Payment Amount’ field. If the check box to the right of
 the ‘Reapplied amount’ field is checked the lessor of the applied amount and
 the amount due on the invoice will be placed into the ‘Reapplied amount’ field.
 The ‘update payment’ button will save the payment and the ‘post payments’ button
 will save the changes to the database.

Note: a payment and reapplied payment can be made at the same time, but only
 one un-applied payment transaction can be used at a time. To apply an un-applied
 payment to multiple invoices, they must be individually updated with the ‘update
 payment’ button.