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View Creating and Using Custom Grids in HWeb Dispatcher

Category:HWeb Dispatcher
Category:HWeb Netcast

Creating and Using Custom Grids in HWeb Dispatcher

Perhaps one of the greatest assets of the suite of products and applications offered by The Hudson Group, in addition to their extreme configurability, is the capability for you to extract information from the system. This information can then be utilized to evaluate and manage your operation so as to achieve peak efficiency in all areas.  Information is the tool you use to make business decisions on a daily basis. The HWeb Dispatcher application is the doorway to accessing that critical information.

Though the name of the application can be a little misleading, the HWeb Dispatcher application is, in essence, a database mining tool, allowing you to locate, view, sort, and even export information that you have compiled over weeks, months and years.

If you have used the Dispatcher application previously, then you know that information is typically displayed in a spreadsheet-like format. These spreadsheets are called "grids" in the Hudson system and are easily built and configured to display whatever information you may desire.

Systems Engineers at The Hudson Group build collections of these grids into what we call a ‘desktop.’ These desktops, which most dispatchers utilize to manage reservations, vehicles, drivers and trips are built to the specific needs of each and every client meaning that the data and how it is viewed, must by necessity, be flexible and very configurable.

With just a little knowledge, and a bit of practice, clients will be able to create their own custom grids and desktops within the HWeb Dispatcher application.  This section of the HWeb Knowledgebase is designed to provide you with that knowledge.

Building grids is not difficult to do, but if you had to read documented text and then follow the directions, not only could the process be confusing, but it would also be a bit tedious and lack continuity.  The Hudson Group has found a way to provide you with a one-on-one self help audio training program that will allow you to progress at your own speed while also receiving complete and comprehensive instruction. HWeb Netcasts are audio files which you can download to your computer or MP3 player and review at your own convenience. Like having a personal Hudson Tech trainer to work with, the netcasts will take you step by step through the process of building grids and creating desktops. 

Start now with the 5 minute introduction that is a simple discussion of the benefits and use of custom grids. When you are ready, proceed to Grid Building 101 where you will "get your hands dirty" and build your first custom grid. 

Look below for a list of the HWeb Netcasts available that will teach you how to build grids. Once you find the topic you need, feel free to click the highlighted link, immediately after the topic, and you will be able to download the audio session as an mp3 file. You can start, stop, rewind and fast forward according to your desired working speed.

Grid Building 100 - File:GridBuilding Introduction.mp3 An overview to the power and use of custom grids

  • Grid Building 101 - File:GridBuilding 101.mp3 Create a custom grid showing Todays Reservations (non cancelled)
    • Open new Reservations View grid - using scroll bars to navigate horizontally (reservation field names) and vertically (new reservation records)
    • Default setting of first 500 records, sorted by ID
    • Accessing and navigating Grid Layout dialog box
    • Selecting All field names and hiding from view
    • Locating desired field names and restoring to view, using SHOW setting: ID, Name, PickupTOD, PickupLocation, DropoffLocation,Operation
    • Sorting Alphabetically/numericaly by selecting column headers
    • Apply filter to PickupTOD=Today
    • Apply filter to Operation=Normal, Updated
    • Apply Grid Sort (ascending) to PickupTOD
    • Moving / relocating columns horizontally with a grid (drag and drop)
    • Set grid caption (Grid Properties dialog box)
    • Create new folder "TestGrids" in HWeb \ Templates directory
    • Save new grid into TestGrids folder (and close then reopen)
  • Grid Building 102 - File:GridBuilding 102.mp3 Further practice on basic grid building: create custom reservation grid "Today Flights", displaying todays arrival and departure reservations including flight information fields
    • Open new reservations grid, select: PickupTOD, Direction, Operation, PAX, ServiceType, Airline, FlightNumber, FlightCity, FlightTOD columns.
    • Apply filter to PickupTOD=Today
    • Apply GRID SORT function to PickupTOD (Ascending order)
    • Apply VALUE TRANSLATION (alternate=1) to Direction column
    • Change grid caption from default
    • Save grid to TestGrids folder (and reopen)
    • Set REFRESH RATE in Grid Properties
    • Set ROW HEIGHT in Grid Properties
    • Use of QUERY OPTIMIZATION in Grid Properties
  • Grid Building 103 - File:GridBuilding 103.mp3 Adding Quick Filters to the custom grid constructed in the last session so we can see Arrivals Only, or Departures Only, for the current day, through the use of a quick filter..
    • Direction column:  Grid Layout Dialog box - View Filters (copy filter syntax: Direction=‘A’ OR Direction=‘D’)
    • Grid Properties - Quick Filter Tab
      • Direction=‘A’
      • Caption: Arrival Reservations
      • Title Color : Green
      • Direction=‘D’
      • Caption: Departure Reservations
      • Title Color: Yellow
      • Remove check marks in "Default" column
    • Locating the Quick Filter selector -navigating the Quick Filter Menu
      • Disable Query Optimization in order to add more fields.
      • Add Fare column to Today Flights grid
      • Add ID column to Today Flights grid
      • Add and configure COUNT function to ID column (set data format=0)
      • Add and configure SUM to Fare column (set data format = $0.00)
      • Add and configure SUM to PAX colum (set data format=0)
      • Adjust "Auto resize columns" in Grid Properties
    • Grid Building 105 - File:GridBuilding 105.mp3 Modifying TOD fields, conserving "real-estate" and Adding status color. Further edits made to our Today Flights grid.
      • PickupTOD column
        • Set the caption to "Pickup"
        • Set format to MM/DD HH:MM
        • Set data alignment to center / center
      • FlightNumber column
        • Set caption to "Flight"
        • Set data alignment to center / center
      • FlightTOD column
        • Set caption to Flt Tm
        • Set data format to HH:MM
      • Hide the Operation column
      • PAX column - set data alignment to center / center
      • Direction column - set all Arrivals to be green and bold
        • Set status in Grid Layout
        • Set BackgroundColor color to green for Arrivals in Grid Properties (Status Colors Tab)
        • Set Font = BOLD (and/or Italics) for Arrivals in Grid Properties (Status Colors tab).
    • Grid Building 106 - File:GridBuilding 106.mp3 Setting up a Fast Info menu item
      • Tools / Configuration / HotKeys-FastInfo
      • Set Record Type: Fast Info Menu
      • Set Caption
      • Set Priority
      • Set Function to File Open (View Only)
      • Set Description (optional)
      • Browse to and select TodayFlights grid built in previous session
      • Direction Column - Hide