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View Credit Card Transaction Codes

Category:Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Transaction Codes

Credit card transaction status

A - Credit card authorized (not charged)

P - Credit card authorized and posted

C - Credit card transaction cancelled

Y - Credit card authorized and charged

D - Credit card declined

F - Credit card transaction failed

N - Credit card not validated

N - Credit card not processed

Credit card transaction types (request type)

P - Pre-event transaction (pre-pay)

F - Post-event transaction (final payment)

D - Deposit transaction

M – Misc. transaction

Credit card transaction type2 (transaction type)

C - Charge (Sale)

R - Credit (Refund)

B - Credit (Refund) Blind

A - Authorize only - PRE

P - Authorize only - POST

V - Void

Credit card transaction type3 (submission mode)

A - Automatic submission

M - Manual submission

W - Made/charged on the web

P - Marked paid

I - Automatic marked paid (import)

F - Forced override