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View Custom Hourly Rates

Category:HWeb Agent

Custom Hourly Rates

Setting and Changing Custom Hourly Rates


In addtion to offering hourly rates per service type.  HWeb Agent also supports hourly rates per Group profile.  This feature provides the ability to override your "rack" hourly rates with custom rates that can be applied to one or multiple group profiles.

Standard hourly rates are configured under tools/configuration/fare and
services. Custom hourly rates are configured under

Database level must be 101 or higher before using this feature.

Open HWeb Agent, select Tools/Configuration/Rates.  Select File/Add new Rates record. 

Alias: Alias will be used to group together different rate overrides.  A Group profile may only have one alias, however this single alias can be used by multiple groups.

Status: Ensure the status is Active, and display order is a number 1-99.  The display order is simply used to order the information in the configuration screen. 

Record Type:  Record type can be one of three items;  Hourly minimum,  Hourly minimum rate,  and Hourly rate.  A new record type must be created for each service that you are attempting to customize.

Service Type: Service type is a number 1-18 which corrisponds the internal service type number found inside the "hidden" column of Tools/Configuration/Fare and Services/Services tab.  Only one number may be entered in this box.

Rate: Enter the rate in dollars, do not use dollar sign.

Description: The description can be any thing up to 255 characters.

Once the rate override entrys have been made, save the changes in the rates tool and exit.

Now locate your group profile(s), select the Rules tab, then Hourly Rates sub-tab.  Change the No override to service override and select the appropriate alias.